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Pro tip 2: Playback on phone/ipad tends to be much smoother than playback on PC (unless your PC has dedicated graphics card).

Pro tip 3: For wider field of view, go into full screen mode (F11 on computer only) and scroll down on your mouse. You’ll get about 1-2 notches on your scroll wheel before the page itself starts to scroll down. This is the widest field of view, press Page Up to go back up to the top of the video and enjoy the wider field of view!

The full list:

  1. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  2. AUBURN UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  3. BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  4. BOSTON COLLEGE (drone/walking/driving)
  5. BOSTON UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  6. BRANDEIS (drone/walking/driving)
  7. BROWN (drone/walking/driving)
  8. BYU (walking/driving)
  9. CALTECH (drone/walking/driving)
  10. CARNEGIE MELLON (drone/walking/driving)
  12. CLARK UNIVERSITY (driving)
  13. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY (driving)
  14. COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES (drone/walking/driving)
  15. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  16. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  17. CORNELL (drone/walking/driving)
  18. CU DENVER (drone/walking/driving)
  19. DAVIDSON COLLEGE (driving)
  20. DREXEL (walking/driving)
  21. DUKE UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  22. EMORY UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  23. FORDHAM (driving)
  24. GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  25. GEORGETOWN (walking/driving)
  26. GEORGIA TECH (drone/walking/driving)
  27. HARVARD UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  30. IUPUI (driving)
  31. JOHNS HOPKINS (drone/walking/driving)
  32. KENNESAW STATE (walking/driving)
  33. LEHIGH UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  34. LOYOLA MARYMOUNT (walking/driving)
  36. MICHIGAN STATE (walking/driving)
  37. MIT (drone/walking/driving)
  38. NC STATE (drone/driving)
  41. NYU (walking/driving)
  42. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  44. PENN STATE (drivethrough)
  45. PEPPERDINE (drone/walking/driving)
  46. PITTSBURGH UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  47. PRINCETON (drone/walking/driving)
  48. PURDUE UNIVERSITY (driving)
  49. REED COLLEGE (driving)
  50. REGIS UNIVERSITY (drone/walking)
  51. RICE UNIVERSITY (driving)
  52. RIT (walking/driving)
  53. RUTGERS (drone/walking/driving)
  54. SAN JOSE STATE (walking/drivingtour)
  55. SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  56. SEATTLE UNIVERSITY (walking/driving)
  57. SIMON FRASER (drone/walking/driving)
  58. STANFORD (walking/driving)
  59. STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY (drone/walking/driving)
  60. SYRACUSE (drone/walking/driving)
  61. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY (driving)
  62. TEXAS A&M (driving)
  63. TUFTS (drone/walking/driving)
  64. U DENVER (drone/walking/driving)
  65. U MARYLAND COLLEGE PARK (walking/driving)
  66. U MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR (walking/driving)
  67. UBC (drone/walking/driving)
  68. UC BERKELEY (walking/driving)
  69. UC DAVIS (walking/driving)
  70. UC IRVINE (walking/driving)
  71. UC RIVERSIDE (drone/walking/driving)
  72. UC SANTA CRUZ (walking/driving)
  73. UCLA (walking/driving)
  74. UCONN (driving)
  75. UGA (drone/walking/driving)
  76. UIUC (driving)
  77. UMASS AMHERST (drone/walking/driving)
  78. UNC CHAPEL HILL (drone/walking/driving)
  79. UNH (driving)
  81. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE (drone/walking/driving)
  82. UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME (walking/driving)
  83. UNIVERSITY OF OREGON (driving)
  85. UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO (walking/driving)
  86. UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (walking/driving)
  87. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (drone/walking/driving)
  89. UPENN (walking/driving)
  90. USC (drone/walking/driving)
  91. UT AUSTIN (driving)
  92. UVA (drone/walking/driving)
  94. VILLANOVA (drone/walking/driving)
  95. VIRGINIA TECH (drone/driving)
  96. WASHINGTON AND LEE (drone/walking/driving)
  97. WELLESLEY COLLEGE (driving)
  98. WILLIAM & MARY (drone/walking/driving)
  99. WPI (drone/walking/driving)
  100. YALE UNIVERSITY (driving)

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Did you really visit all these schools on your own?
Yes I actually went to each of these schools and filmed, curated all the facts and stats, and personally made each video. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish if you just chip at it a little every day.

Why did you do this?
This project got started in 2017 when I took my wife on a road trip to “see the country”, and I tried my hand at vlogging about colleges we visited along the way. I had a 360° camera to take b-roll, which ended up being the only usable footage from that trip (vlogging is harder than it looks!). Soon after, two of my friends got married in Boston a week apart from each other so that got us up to 40 colleges, all on the east coast. You don’t quit when you’ve done 40 schools already, you go for 100.

How could you afford this?
Good planning, not taking direct flights (actually searching for cross country flights with long stopovers) lots of great friends’ to crash at, a working wife, and willingness to sleep in Walmart parking lots.

Are you going to other schools or is this it?
The goal is to hit all 100 of the USNews top 100 (currently at 85/100). I’m also sitting on about 20 international universities I’ve yet to edit. I plan on being in the UK and Australia once COVID-19 blows over.

Why is rank trend important?
You’ll notice on the bottom of each video there is the school’s 2010, 2015, and 2020 USNews rank. This is because the trend of a school’s rank tells you more than that year’s rank. Research into the USNews rankings tells us that +/- 4 in rank from one year to the next is statistical noise, so don’t get caught up in the specifics. However if a school is getting higher in rank from 5 years ago, 10 years ago, that’s probably a sign they’re consistently improving. You want your college to be ranked high even 5, 10 years after you’ve graduated, and the rank trend tells you that.

What do you think is the most important metric when picking a school?
I feel the boy/girl ratio is one of the most underrated stats and needs to be considered. It is the #1 factor that impacts your college experience day in/day out. You won’t necessarily feel how different a rank 30 is from a rank 60 school, but you will definitely feel when a campus is 30% female vs 60% female. I went to GT when there were only 25% women, and let’s just say it was miserable on campus. When the ratio is that skewed, the rarer sex tends to be much more proud, and the guys had to make inroads at Emory and Agnes Scott to have any female contact (it didn’t help that my group of friends weren’t the smoothest engineers you’ve ever seen).

The second most under-rated stat is the acceptance rate. If you plot acceptance rate against boy/girl ratio, you’ll find an interesting quadrant, where the party schools are high female high acceptance rate, and the dreary ones are the low female low acceptance ones. But that’s probably where the ladies want to go if a M.R.S. degree is a potential option.

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